Botanical Surveys and More

A botanical survey will introduce you to the diversity of plant species found on even small sites.  Not only will a botanical survey provide a detailed picture of the composition of the vegetation, it will reveal what type of vegetation existed there historically, and what type of vegetation to expect in the future.  This is an important first step in determining how to take care of your land, and understanding what management options you have.

A basic plant survey includes an overview of vegetation types and an annotated list of the plant species present. Management concerns, the presence of rare, protected, and invasive species are addressed.

A high quality botanical survey is dependent on experience, training, and a breadth of knowledge of the region’s vegetation. Since 2000, I have conducted plant surveys across Wisconsin, on habitat types ranging from forest, savanna, and prairie to bog, marsh, swamp, lakes and streams.

Specialized services offered:

  • ecological assessments
  • botanical surveys
  • Threatened/Endangered species surveys
  • Floristic Quality Assessments
  • Management plans
  • Wetland delineation and functional assessment

Previous Clients include: